Angels and Demons

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Rating- 2/5

Ah, Angels and Demons. Whenever I speak those words out loud, someone always either responds with angry complaining or wistful complimenting. It seems like the world can’t quite decide whether or not everyone hates this book or loves it. I guess I’m kind of in the middle. Dan Brown’s mystery/thriller novel follows Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbolist, as he is summoned to a secret Swiss research center to identify a rare symbol that was carved onto a dead scientist’s body, which turns out to be the sign of Illuminati. The Illuminati, being the most dangerous secret society in the history of the world, has decided that they are finally going to take out their most hated enemy, the Catholic Church. Langdon is suddenly thrown into the underground world of Europe as he attempts to destroy the bomb that Illuminati has set in Vatican City, with help  from the dead scientist’s vengeful daughter Vittoria. Angels and Demons is a page turner, but kind of cheesey at the same time.

Although I enjoyed the fact that Angels and Demons had a cliff-hanger at the end of every chapter, I didn’t enjoy that fact that Dan Brown’s writing was extremely over dramatic at some points in the story. It almost made me laugh sometimes. Also, the plot was way more complicated than it needed to be, almost past the point where it was interesting. And Vittoria had almost no use in the story besides being “beautiful and mysterious” which really irked me. I took a star off just for having no good characters, male or female. This book wasn’t very well-written, but it was thrilling.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to read this book unless they enjoyed Dan Brown’s other books, or just enjoy novels with a lot of dramatic writing.


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