Rating – 5/5

I’ve never been one for dystopian novels. They’re all so uniform; same plot, characters, and romance. But Unwind? There’s something different. Neal Shusterman’s YA dystopian novel Unwind has an amazing storyline, intriguing characters, and shocking plot twists. The novel is set after the Second Civil War, also known as the Heartland War, where pro-life and pro-choice sides fought to the death. To bring the war to an end, both sides came to a resolution- you can’t touch a child until it turns 13. However, from 13 to 18 parents are allowed to have their child Unwound. Unwinding is a process where all the organs of the person are given to various people in need, so the person isn’t alive or dead.The book follows Connor, Risa, and Levi, runaway Unwinds who have to work together to stay alive.

The best thing about Unwind is that it is not like any other dystopian novel I’ve ever read. Most post-apocalyptic novels are just written so they can have the same success as the The Hunger Games, but this book is nothing like The Hunger Games. The story line is creative and unique, the characters are so much more than just “hot-headed rebel” or “caring and sweet girl”, and the plot twists will make your jaw drop.

In other words, read this book. Read it whether or not you like The Hunger GamesDivergent, or any other dystopian novel. If you like it, which you will, then read the entire Unwind Dystology.


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