The Maze Runner

Rating- 1/5

Ever since the James Dashner’s bestselling novel The Maze Runner, was turned into a movie, everyone has been obsessing over it. I thought I would read it to see what all the fuss was about, and I was unfortunately not impressed. The Maze Runner follows a boy named Thomas as he wakes up in what seems to be the middle of a maze, filled with other boys who are fighting to survive and find a way out of the maze. This book had a boring story line, was not written well, and the characters seemed really one-dimensional. It was hard to picture the story in my mind, and really feel what was going on in the book.

The main reason I didn’t enjoy The Maze Runner was because of the lack of character development. Thomas seemed to magically remember details, conveniently when they were most needed. Also, the villains of the story (Grievers) weren’t scary at all. On top of all that, Dashner made up this random slang used by the characters in the story that had no meaning or purpose, and made the characters seem uneducated, which isn’t true because they created an organized and clever way to survive in the Glade.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. Just read The Hunger Games. 


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