Where Things Come Back

Rating- 2/5

John Corey Whaley’s award-winning debut YA novel, Where Things Come Back, is filled with mystery, hope, and humor. The book follows teenage Cullen Witter as he discovers new things about his hometown Lily, Arkansas. His perceptions change when his cousin dies of drug overdose, his town becomes obsessed with a bird, and his brother goes missing.  Where Things Come Back is filled with plot holes, bad writing, and a predictable ending.

This novel was a very aggravating read. It managed to annoy me with it’s overly dramatic writing, bore me with it’s endless amounts of fluff instead of storyline, and anger me when the ending was predictable and not exciting at all. The book would have been amazing, had it been filled with less chapters where absolutely nothing happens. The idea of this book was very good, but the actual thing, not so much.


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