The Room of Many Colors

Rating- 5/5

Ruskin Bond is known for his classic storytelling style. This can best be seen in his compilation of short stories, The Room of Many Colors. This book contains stories from “The Big Race” to “Chachi’s Funeral” and can fill anyone’s heart with wonder and joy. I enjoyed Ruskin Bond’s The Room of Many Colors because Bond is an amazing storyteller,  details in the stories really let the reader visualize the setting, and Bond provides a new voice and perspective in each of the stories.

By new voice and perspective, I mean that almost all the stories have different settings, conflicts, and characters. The story is also told by a different person in every story, giving the reader a new perspective on the story. This gives each of the stories something different, and keeps the reader engaged until the very end.

I would recommend this book to all ages, from children to elderly. This book is a classic, and will entertain readers for generations to come.


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