Rating- 3/5 Perfect for reading while traveling, M. E. Kerr's collection of short stories, Edge, includes 15 unique stories that provide new perspectives, express deep emotions, and are a new kind of creative. This collection contains stories about every aspect of growing up. Everything from letting go of your past and  forgiving people, to coming out and being yourself.... Continue Reading →



Rating- 3/5 After hearing about the movie being made based on the novel, I thought it was about time to read Jeanne Ryan's standalone YA novel, Nerve. This book follows Vee as she is picked to play NERVE, an anonymous game where players do dares that are broadcasted live. At first, she enjoys it. She's winning prizes... Continue Reading →

Being Emily

Rating-5/5 If you are looking for an engaging book that you could read in less then 24 hours, read Being Emily by Rachel Gold. This realistic fiction novel follows Emily, a girl who was unfortunately born as a boy, Chris. The book shows the challenges and hardships that transsexual people face. Being Emily is powerful, realistic, and shows readers... Continue Reading →

The Tyrant’s Daughter

Rating- 4/5 Due to the recent controversy of refugees living in Western countries, I thought it would be appropriate to read J.C. Carleson's contemporary fiction novel The Tyrant's Daughter in order to fully understand the lives of these refugees. This book follows Laila, the daughter of a middle eastern dictator who recently passed away, as what is... Continue Reading →

The Maze Runner

Rating- 1/5 Ever since the James Dashner's bestselling novel The Maze Runner, was turned into a movie, everyone has been obsessing over it. I thought I would read it to see what all the fuss was about, and I was unfortunately not impressed. The Maze Runner follows a boy named Thomas as he wakes up in what seems... Continue Reading →

Where Things Come Back

Rating- 2/5 John Corey Whaley's award-winning debut YA novel, Where Things Come Back, is filled with mystery, hope, and humor. The book follows teenage Cullen Witter as he discovers new things about his hometown Lily, Arkansas. His perceptions change when his cousin dies of drug overdose, his town becomes obsessed with a bird, and his brother... Continue Reading →

Pride and Prejudice

Rating- 5/5 I recently read one of the most popular novels by English novelist Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. The classic tale of Elizabeth Bennet, Charles Bingley, and Fitzwilliam Darcy. There have been dozens of remakes, parodies, and fanfictions based on this novel, and it was about time I read the original. I think it's... Continue Reading →

The Room of Many Colors

Rating- 5/5 Ruskin Bond is known for his classic storytelling style. This can best be seen in his compilation of short stories, The Room of Many Colors. This book contains stories from "The Big Race" to "Chachi's Funeral" and can fill anyone's heart with wonder and joy. I enjoyed Ruskin Bond's The Room of Many Colors because Bond is... Continue Reading →

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