A Work in Progress

Rating- 2/5

Due to the recent rise of YouTube personalities writing novels, vlogger Connor Franta came out with his new memoir, A Work in Progress. I was a little surprised to hear that a 22 year old was writing a memoir, but since I enjoyed his videos I thought I would give it a try. I had heard that his book had been much better than other Youtubers’ books, and I’m a little disappointed to say that it didn’t quite live up to that standard. A Work in Progress is an enjoyable read- for the first 20 pages. After that, it gets a little tiring to hear cliché after cliché. “Be yourself” and “Choose your friends wisely” can get a little boring after some time.

Normally, I would give a book like this a 1/5 rating, but I did enjoy some thing. An author with voice and communication skills like Franta are hard to find these days . Connor Franta finds a way to sound like he’s directly talking to the reader. He’s also witty, refreshing, and generally likeable. If Franta writes any books in the future, I will most definitely read them.

In other words, Connor Franta has a great writing style, but the content of this book was way too cliché, so cliché that I had to force myself to finish it. I would recommend this book to Connor Franta fans, aesthetic lovers, and younger teens (13-15).




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