Gone Girl

Rating- 2/5

Gillian Flynn’s New York Times Bestseller, Gone Girl, isn’t as great as everybody says it is. The mystery novel follows Nick Dunne, as he tries to find out who kidnapped his wife, Amy. The book has both Nick and Amy’s perspective throughout the entire story. Gone Girl has many twists and turns, jolts and jabs, and surprises that will smack you in the face. Although this book may sound exciting, it’s not the most interesting read. Sure, it has many surprises in store, but the surprises are often written badly, and draw the story line longer than it should be. The book was over 400 pages long, but if it had been written better it could have taken half as many.

The thing that really made me dislike Gone Girl was how badly the characters were written. Nick Dunne went from nice guy to bad guy to douchebag to psychopath to nice guy again all in a couple chapters. Amy, well she perceived as evil, perfect, clever, and psychotic all at the same time. At some points, it felt like Gillian Flynn was trying to hard to give the characters more depth, so hard that it just made characters seem two-faced, or even bipolar.

In the end, I really did want to like Gone Girl I had heard amazing things about the book, and even the movie. But in reality, it just bored and confused me at the same thing.


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  1. I really enjoyed the movie, but the book couldn’t really hook me. It was very strange, like something went wrong in the Matrix. Then the same thing happened with Game of Thrones and now I’m really scared.

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