The Crown

Rating- 5/5

The highly anticipated final book of Kiera Cass’s bestseller series, The Crown, is finally here. The Crown follows future queen Eadlyn as she prepares to descend to the throne, deals with protesters who want diminish the monarchy, and try not to start a war, all while having to find love amongst 35 suitors. The Crown is one of the best series finales I’ve ever read because of the character development,  references to current social issues, and the way the author brought together the entire story line and ended the story perfectly.

The amount of of character development in The Crown is astounding. My least favorite character turned into my favorite. The suitors who used to be secondary characters end up becoming the main topic of conversation, and, best of all, Eadlyn finally meets her potential. Having a headstrong, confident, and powerful female as a main character without making her conceited or spoiled is difficult, and I was afraid Eadlyn would end up having this fate. However, Cass exceeded my wildest dreams and turned Eadlyn into someone I wish I could be.

In other words, read The Crown if you’ve read Kiera Cass’s other books. It will bring the entire story together, and you won’t being able to put it down until it’s over.


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