Rating- 5/5

Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl is a book that every teenager should read. It follows 16 year old Leo as he meets a new girl in his grade who goes by a very strange name, Stargirl. This new girl’s odd name goes perfectly with her odd personality. She doesn’t wear makeup, wears hippie clothes, and carries around a ukulele that she strums while she sings to complete strangers. This shocks the students of Mica Area High School. The students realize that they simply cannot put Stargirl in a category, and that she doesn’t care what they think anyways. This interests Leo to no end, and the book follows him as he tries to figure out the real story behind Stargirl. Stargirl has unique characters, highlights the importance of nonconformity and independence, and is beautifully written.

The reason why I enjoyed Stargirl so much was because of the way it shows a character that doesn’t fit in. Stargirl is the epitome of “weird” in our world. She has a pet rat, she randomly sings at the top of her lungs, and, the weirdest thing to her peers, she doesn’t seem to care about what others think. She doesn’t care that people find her weird, talk about her behind her back, and tease her. But Stargirl is also the most selfless person ever. She makes anonymous cards for people to make them feel better, she gets everyone gifts for random holidays, and sings to her classmates on their birthday. Stargirl is a person like no other.

I would recommend Stargirl to anyone over the age of 10. It’s a timeless novel that anyone can relate too. If you liked this book, I would recommend the sequel, Love, Stargirl. 



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