Out of My Mind

Rating- 5/5

If you are looking for a book that will change your entire perspective on life, you should read Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind. This masterpiece of a novel touches on bullying, special needs, disabilities, and judging people based on appearances. The book follows a disabled girl named Melody as she tries to find a way to express her thoughts. Melody can’t talk, hold things, or walk. However, she has a photographic memory and is able to remember information that most people would forget in a few days. In other words, she’s pretty much a genius. The only problem is, no one realizes how smart she is. They just assume that she’s just another special needs kid. But things start to change when Melody gets a new computer that lets her speak her mind. Out of My Mind has an amazing plot line, thought-provoking ideas, and a  knowledgeable yet comic tone.

The main reason why I enjoyed this book so much was because it made me realized how I take my abilities for granted. Now, whenever I see a child with mental disabilities, I wonder if they are like Melody. Maybe they are trying to find a way to express their knowledge, too.

Out of My Mind is a novel like no other. It finds a way to connect with the reader yet give them a new perspective. I would recommend it to children and adults of all ages.


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