Eleanor and Park

Rating- 5/5 Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park is heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. This teen romance novel fills the reader with joy, hope, sadness, and despair at the same time. Rowell’s writing style puts a detailed picture into the reader’s mind and gives the reader a candid insight into the characters’ minds. Eleanor and […]

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The Selection

Rating- 3/5 Kiera Cass’s The Selection is set in Illea, a dystopian Northern America that divides all the citizens  into different castes. The book follows America Singer, a spirited yet sensitive teenager from a lower caste. as she is accidentally chosen to be a part of the Selection. The Selection is a once in a lifetime opportunity […]

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Out of My Mind

Rating- 5/5 If you are looking for a book that will change your entire perspective on life, you should read Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind. This masterpiece of a novel touches on bullying, special needs, disabilities, and judging people based on appearances. The book follows a disabled girl named Melody as she tries to find a […]

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