Rating – 5/5

Marie Lu’s action-filled, dystopian novel Legend has a strong female lead, a dynamic plot line, references to reality, and overall well-written characters.  Legend is set in future America, where the country is divided in half, the Republic and the Colonies. The book follows two characters in different settings that eventually collide. These characters are June, a prodigy in her military academy who also happens to comes from an elite family, and Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic. The book begins with June finding out that her brother was murdered by Day, and she is assigned to find the criminal and bring the him to justice. She disguises herself as a street urchin to find Day, but things get complicated when she finally finds him.

I would say Legend is the best dystopian novel I’ve ever read. The recent fad in dystopian novels has caused an increase of books with overdone plot lines and predictable characters. Because of this, I usually don’t read books in this genre. However, Legend was an unexpected surprise. Marie Lu used some plot lines from Les Misreables, so it’s safe to say that the book kept you hooked. Another thing in this book that I liked was the way Day and June came from completely different backgrounds, yet they still found something in common. Also, the books shows two different perspectives. The two sides to the story really engage the reader.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed Legend. It’s a diamond in the midst of bad dystopian novels. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something as good as the Hunger Games, but without the same story line. Also, if you really liked this book, I would recommend the sequels, Prodigy and Champion.


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